Soul Guardian


Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair-  DOUX – Cristal hairstyle [FATPACK]
Skin-  [theSkinnery] Emmy (Catwa) @ C88 Jan.
Eyes-  {S0NG} :: Heize Eyes @ KUSTOM9
Ears-  .random.Matter. – Song Elfie Ears @ KUSTOM9

Body suit- + Swordmaiden FATPACK +{egosumaii} (devilaii)
Boots- PBW_Freya_Lara_FantasyBoots (Xylphae)
Gloves- TURB – Tooth Grinder Executioner Gauntlet [Female] (ericsson.turbo)
Shoulders- .aisling. BBB&Yrnan FULLPACK
Crown- +Impius Altum Circlet Box +{egosumaii} (devilaii)
Halo-  + Celestial Halo + {aii} + {egosumaii} (Free gift)
Cape- + Swordmaiden FATPACK + {egosumaii}(devilaii)
Sword- + Swordmaiden FATPACK + {egosumaii}(devilaii)

He never asks for what’s his.

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Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair-  Lamb. Glam – Fatpack @ COLLABOR88
Skin-  [theSkinnery] Emmy (Catwa) @ C88 Jan.
Eyes- {S0NG} :: Heize Eyes @ KUSTOM9
Lipstick-  L’Etre – Fall Edge [FATPACK] (dam1710)
Nails-  .euphoric~Superstar Bento Nails Fatpack //UPDATED (demi Placebo)  @ Kinky

Robe- Mossu – Grace.Robe – Black (Wear) @ COLLABOR88
Pantie set- :Moon Amore; Simplicity Lingerie (Fat) @ COLLABOR88
Shoes- Pure Poison – Bunny Pumps @ COLLABOR88
Necklaces- LaGyo_Marla Set for Collabor88 @ COLLABOR88
Rings- (Yummy) Comfy Cozy Ring @ COLLABOR881 1 1 1 1the next roomFURNITURE:
Skybox- MINIMAL – Noble Skybox @ COLLABOR88
Dresser- Fancy Decor: Roulin Dresser @ COLLABOR88
Bed- Fancy Decor: Roulin Bed (pg) @ COLLABOR88
Art 1- Fancy Decor: Roulin Van Gogh Prints @ COLLABOR88
Art 2- [ zerkalo ] London Bedroom Gacha- Round Frame @ KUSTOM9
Art 3- Fancy Decor: Roulin Canvases @ COLLABOR88
Mirror- Kalopsia – Cleo – Fancy Mirror @ COLLABOR88
Frames- [ zerkalo ] London Bedroom Gacha- Square Frames @ KUSTOM9
Rug- Kalopsia – Cleo – Faux Fur Rug – White @ COLLABOR88
Lamp- Fancy Decor: Roulin Marble Lamp @ COLLABOR88
Plant- Mithral * Metal Propagation Set (Copper) @ KUSTOM9
Books 1- ..::THOR::.. Decorative Antlers & Books – red @ KUSTOM9
Books 2- Kalopsia – Cleo – Pile of Books @ COLLABOR88

New Light

46656049662_9ceafe7318_kWhy bash people for making beautiful art. Why try to cut another woman down. Try to spread positivity. Remember we have feelings. Remember we are not all the same.  #ForAlice.

Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair-  DOUX – Meghan hairstyle [FATPACK] (dam1710) @ Dubai Event
Skin- [theSkinnery] Emmy (Catwa) (umazuma.metaluna) @ COLLABOR88
Lipstick- L’Etre – Fall Edge [FATPACK] (dam1710)
Nails- (NO) Art Nails – Cable Knit (Nylon Pinkney) @ COLLABOR88

Dress-  Scandalize. Vivian. FATPACK (Yanikka) @ FAMESHED EVENT
Shoes-  Phedora ~ Draun boots (Celena Galli) @ COLLABOR88
Necklace- LaGyo_Marla Set (gyorgyna.larnia) @ COLLABOR88

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Warm cozy home

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Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair-  [monso] My Hair – Evelynn (Morphine Janick) @ COLLABOR88
Skin-  [theSkinnery] Lilo (Catwa Applier) champagne (umazuma.metaluna) @ COLLABOR88

Top-  Scandalize. Amber. FATPACK (yanikka) @ Uber
Pants-  Scandalize. Amber. FATPACK (yanikka) @ Uber
Rings- (Yummy) Snow Angel Ring Set – Individual Colors (Polyester Partridge) @ COLLABOR881 1 1ROOMFURNITURE:
House- Raindale – Coldbrook cottage CM Rare (keiralans) @ The Arcade 
Couch- Concept} 18. Elevate. Sofa Ivory. Adult. RARE (Serab) @ The Arcade 
Chest-   Trompe Loeil – Winter Storage Crate (cory.edo) @ The Arcade 
Deer head- Foxwood ~ Dyrr ~ Faux Mount ~ Light (nina.helix) @ The Arcade 
Socks- [Merak] – Holiday Socks (presents) (annellystone) @ The Arcade 
Ladder- Trompe Loeil – Farmhouse Rustic Tree (cory.edo) @ The Arcade 
Tree deco- Trompe Loeil – Yasmine Noel Modern Tree 1 Ornamented (cory.edo) @ The Arcade 
Star- Trompe Loeil – Native Star (cory.edo) @ The Arcade 
Lantern- Trompe Loeil – Metal Tree Candleholder (cory.edo) @ The Arcade
Pumpkins- Trompe Loeil – Winter Harvest Centerpiece (cory.edo) @ The Arcade
Can- Trompe Loeil – Yasmine Noel Milk Can (cory.edo) @ The Arcade
Kitchen- Birdy – Forest Kitchen (nina.helix) @ The Arcade
Pillows- [Merak] – Winter Pillows A (annellystone) @ The Arcade
Side Table- Trompe Loeil – Yasmine Seating Poof Leather PG (cory.edo) @ The Arcade
Brownies- Eliavah ~ Peppermint Brownie Platter [Gold] (eliavahazaleia) @ COLLABOR88
Messy Kitchen- Second Spaces – Messy Bakes (Elle Kirshner) @ The Arcade

Hello Kitty


Head- GENUS Project – Genus Bento head NECK+MAIN HUD UPD (genusproject)
Hair- #Foxy – Adore Hair FATPACK (Liza Broono) @ KUSTOM9
Skin-[theSkinnery] Keiko (Genus Applier) sorbet @ KUSTOM9
Eyes-  {S0NG} :: Demi Eyes **Fatpack** (funeral.plutonian) @ KUSTOM9
Tattoo- DAPPA – Suisai. (karlosguerrero) @ SaNaRae.
Nails- e.marie // Conjure Set Coffin (emilianamarie) @ KUSTOM9

Top-  Scandalize. Valentina. FATPACK (yanikka) @ UBER
Collar-  [ kunst ] – Katalina choker (Kunst Himmel) @ KUSTOM9

Ultra Violet

30604662437_4b928deede_kROBOT 1

Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!)
Hair- tram H0928 hair / FATPACK (moca Loup) @ COLLABOR88
Skin-[theSkinnery] Amber (Catwa Applier) milk (umazuma.metaluna) @ COLLABOR88
Eyes-  {S0NG} :: Luna Eyes (Blogger Fatpack)(funeral.plutonian)
Arms- [omnis] BlackWidow/V2 1.1[Maitreya] (ozarsha)
Implants-[omnis] B//2181-Implants (ozarsha)

Over Coat-  A&Y Flash Cyber Coat (ADD) – FullPack (Anabel Crystal) @ Exclusive for NEO japan Event
Suit Chest-  r2 A/D/E shigure [Purple] (rei2 Aya) @ COLLABOR88
Sword-  [The Forge] Vyper Katana. (deccan.arida) @ Exclusive for NEO japan EventROBOT 2

Summer Heat

House- (Milk Motion) Formentera house – 28*15 – 89 li (Marie Lauridsen) @ COLLABOR88
Sign- Trompe Loeil- Surfboard (cory.edo)(unlinked from the Trompe Loeil – Waverly Beach Tent + Props Blue PG V1.1) @ COLLABOR88
Vases- Second Spaces – Ocean Breeze Entry – vases (Elle Kirshner) @ COLLABOR88
Hanging chair- Kalopsia – Summer Chill Hanging Chair (Isabeau Baragula) @ COLLABOR88
Bed- uK – Island Resort Bed PG  (jamie.rozenberg) @ COLLABOR88
Magazine- Magazine_Open (cory.edo)(unlinked from the Trompe Loeil – Waverly Beach Tent + Props Blue PG V1.1) @ COLLABOR88
Shells- STARFISH_AND_ROCKS_COMBO (cory.edo)(unlinked from the Trompe Loeil – Waverly Beach Tent + Props Blue PG V1.1) @ COLLABOR88

Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!)
Hair-  tram H0527 hair / FATPACK (moca Loup) @ COLLABOR88
Skin-  L’Etre – Sonya Skin [Chocolata Tone] (dam1710)

Bathing suit-  Stories&Co. Vera Swimsuit – Green / C88 (flutter.memel) @ COLLABOR88
Shoes-  Pure Poison – Nya Sandals – Green Ombre – Maitreya (pety.galaxy) @ COLLABOR88
Necklace-  LaGyo_Anapos Wood Necklace – Wood (gyorgyna.larnia) @ COLLABOR88
Earrings-  :: SAGA :: Aura Earring Set w.HUD (christel.morane) @ KUSTOM9
Piercings-  ^^Swallow^^ Princess Face Jewellery (luciayes.magic) @ KUSTOM9
Rings-  (Yummy) Sea Treasures Ring Set (Polyester Partridge) @ COLLABOR88

Would you like a drink

Would you like a drink
Bar- Trompe Loeil – Nevaline Garden Bar + Lights/Bottles PG (cory.edo) @ COLLABOR88
Ivy- +Half-Deer+ English Ivy (halogen.magic) @ COLLABOR88
Plant- dust bunny . potted dragon tree (lxlnoel) @ COLLABOR88
Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!)
Skin- [theSkinnery] Iris (Catwa Applier) mocca (umazuma.metaluna) @ COLLABOR88
Hair- [monso] My Hair – Jenny (flower)(Morphine Janick) @ COLLABOR88

Top- Eliavah ~ Amaryllis Blouse [MAITREYA TRANSPERANT] (eliavahazaleia) @ Mainstore & FLF
Panties- .Mutresse. Marta Lingerie (Panties) for Maitreya (Eeky Cioc) @ COLLABOR88
Shoes- ::HH:: Hucci Douai Sandal – Collection (LARA) (eboni.khan) @ COLLABOR88
Rings- (Yummy) Gardenia Rings – Maitreya (Polyester Partridge) @ COLLABOR88