They call me sweetheart

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Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair-  DOUX – Ariana hairstyle [BASIC PACK]
Skin-  [theSkinnery] Emmy (Catwa)  @ COLLABOR88
Eyes-  .euphoric ~Vivian Eyes Applier ~[Catwa] @ January Powder Pack
Nails- .tsg. Bento Nails – Coffin Shape – Pink Chrome [Maitreya] @ The first ever Soiree
Eyeshadow- [Pink Fuel] Powder Pack SL – CATWA (January 2019) @ January Powder Pack
Lipstick- [Pink Fuel] Powder Pack SL – CATWA (January 2019) @ January Powder Pack
Cheek glitter- #ADORED – pixie dust highlighter {catwa} @ January Powder Pack

Dress- Vincue / Winnie Set ~Things @ The Seasons Story
Shoes- Phedora ~ Dani Heels @ A+ Event 
Collar- Kibitz – Alexa’s choker – fatpak @ N21
Earrings- .random.Matter. – Kwan Set  @ COLLABOR88
Rings- Kibitz – Lexa’s rings – fatpack @ N21
Body Glitter- [Cynful] Stripper Body Dust

1 1 1 1 1 1 cthe room 1
House-  NOMAD // Maison Bleue @ COLLABOR88
Mirror- Kalopsia – Cleo – Fancy Mirror @ COLLABOR88
Lamps- Kalopsia – Cleo – Art Deco Lamp @ COLLABOR88
Sink- Foxwood – Spa – Sink @ COLLABOR88
Rug- Kalopsia – Cleo – Faux Fur Rug – White @ COLLABOR88
Chair- Kalopsia – Cleo – Paracord Bench @ COLLABOR88
Books- Kalopsia – Cleo – Pile of Books @ COLLABOR88
Robe- Foxwood – Spa – Robe @ COLLABOR88
Shelf- Foxwood – Spa – Tray @ COLLABOR88
Rack- Foxwood – Spa – Shelf @ COLLABOR88
Moon- FOXCITY. Prop (With poses) – Crescent Moon (Gold) (Rez) @ The first ever Soiree

Remember the parts of you that are real

still human, parts of me at least.1 1 1 1 1

Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair-  .Shi Hair : Reva-Yah . Mono (joy.laperriere) (I edited in linked parts to make the streaks the same color teal and added 10% glow to give the electric effect, thank you to all the creators that make their items mod.
Face Tattoo-  ANTINATURAL[+] Metamorphose2077 / RARE2.01 / LOOTBOX (kaorinette) @ lootbox
Eye- ~*By Snow*~ Citadel Eyes w/HUD (Snow Frostwych)
Lipstick- [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK – Essential (Blacks)(mochi.milena)

Body Suit- ANTINATURAL[+] Metamorphose2077 / RARE1.01 / MAITREYA / LOOTBOX (kaorinette) @ lootbox
Boots-  A&Y Aglaya Latex Cyber Boots (ADD) – FullPack
Gloves-  A&Y Aglaya Latex Cyber Armwarmers (ADD) – FullPack (Anabel Crystal)
Headpiece- :::SOLE::: SA – Proof (Forehead) (Black) (shouko.kanto)
Packpack- :::SOLE::: SA – Backpack Mk.3 (Black) (shouko.kanto) (modded to match teal, edited linked parts)
Glitter (face and body)- + Cosmic Crybaby + {aii} (devilaii) @ Etoile

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Baby, it’s cold outside

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1BODY:
Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair-  taketomi – Yuna – Fatpack (bella.earst)
Skin-  Lefort by Revoul.Riley Catwa Applier in RE05 (highcache) @ KUSTOM9
Eyes- .euphoric ~Zahra Beauty Set~[Catwa] (demi Placebo) @ POWDER PACK DEC. 18
Lashes- MICHAN – Ashley Makeup [Powder Pack Catwa Dec 2018] (michanx) @ POWDER PACK DEC. 18
Eyeshadow- MICHAN – Ashley Makeup [Powder Pack Catwa Dec 2018] (michanx) @ POWDER PACK DEC. 18
Lipstick- [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – 90s Supermodel (mochi.milena) @ POWDER PACK DEC. 18
Nails- (NO) Art Nails – Christmas ’18 (Nylon Pinkney) @ COLLABOR88

Suit & Socks- Moon Elixir – Counting Sheep – (ElixirBlack) @ Notice Me, Santapai
Slippers- Pewpew! Fuzzy Slippers – Fatpack (Ramadiez Carter) @ KUSTOM9
Ring- ^^Swallow^^ Love Ring Her (luciayes.magic) @ KUSTOM9
Necklace-  Kibitz – Frozen necklace – silver (Kathya Szczepanski) @ KUSTOM91 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Back to the norm for a moment

norm 1

Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!)
Hair-  DOUX – DOUX – Nyla Hairstyle [FATPACK] (dam1710) @ Equal10
Skin- [Pink Fuel] Powder Pack SL – CATWA (mochi.milena) @ Powder Pack August
Eyes-  {S0NG} :: Luna Eyes (Blogger Fatpack)(funeral.plutonian)

Coat- Scandalize.Elva.JACKET. Maitreya  (yanikka)
Tops- Scandalize.Elva.TOP. Maitreya  (yanikka)
Pants- Scandalize.Elva.LEGGINGS. Maitreya  (yanikka)
Boots- Eudora3D Riding Boots (Maitreya) FATPACK (Eudora3D)
Earrings-  Kibitz – Diamond heart earring – fatpack
Necklace- Kibitz – See you necklace – fatpack @ AccessKibitz – Other half heart necklace – fatpack  (Kathya Szczepanski) @ Seasons Story!
Rings- Kibitz – Coddie rings – Lara – FATPACK (Kathya Szczepanski)

Another day, Just believe, Just breathe

Backdrop-  MINIMAL – Hacienda Backdrop- (minimalgroup) @ KUSTOM9
Head- CATWAHEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!)
Hair-  [monso] My Hair – Hyewon for C88 (Morphine Janick) @ COLLABOR88
Skin-  [PF] Pippa – CATWA (mochi.milena) @ Powder Pack Catwa August 2018
Eyes-  . MILA . Powder Pack Catwa August @ Powder Pack Catwa August 2018
Eye shadow-  . MILA . Powder Pack Catwa August @ Powder Pack Catwa August 2018
Eyelashes-  #Besom~Crystal Lash *CATWA* @ Powder Pack Catwa August 2018

Dress- ISON – mia dress (tropical teal)(Harry Hyx) @ COLLABOR88
Shoes- ::HH:: Hucci Kalca Sandal – Collection (eboni.khan) @ COLLABOR88
Head piece- LaGyo_Dominica Headpiece – Turquoise (gyorgyna.larnia) @ COLLABOR88
Earrings- LaGyo_Dominica Earring – Turquoise (gyorgyna.larnia) @ COLLABOR88
Bracelet- LaGyo_Dominica Bangle – Turquoise (gyorgyna.larnia) @ COLLABOR88sadvbewwb1

Come play with me?

House- NOMAD // Rainy Day Loft (piraiyah.novikov) @ COLLABOR88
Cage- Astralia – Cute and naughty cage bed (Astralia) @ ROMP
Doggy props- +Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter [C88 – Bloggers] (halogen.magic) @ COLLABOR88
Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair-  .Olive. the Annette Hair (naminaeko) @ COLLABOR88
Skin- [PF] Adeline – CATWA Applier (mochi.milena) @ COLLABOR88
Human Ears- L’Etre – Crystal mesh ears (dam1710)
Tattoo- .Identity. Body Shop – Rise Strong (Melissa Hindrabar)
Dog ears- Floppy Dog Ears (nyka.rain)

Harness- S&P harness Tam (xxsaltandpepperxx) @ ROMP
Boots-_CandyDoll_ Layla Boots – Light Colors (rebeca.dembo) @ COLLABOR88
Muzzle- Ama. : Muzzle Me (Amadeo Dubratt)
Collar- Cae :: Ardor :: Collar [bagged] (caelan.hancroft) @ ROMP
Rings- (Yummy) Raining Diamonds – Maitreya (Polyester Partridge) @ COLLABOR88

Flowers and fuzzy ears

bunny girl 3BODY:
Head-  CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Skin-  Glam Affair – Ellen – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – Asia (Aida Ewing) Coming soon @ The Epiphany 
Eyebrows- Just Magnetized – Perfect Eyebrows – set 02 for CATWA (justyna.magne)
EyeShadow- Bossie. doll eyeshadow [catwa] (miraleen)
Lipstick- [PF] Bambi – CATWA ‘LIPSTICK’ Applier – Set #2 (mochi.milena)
Hair- Exile – Feels Like Tonight – Naturals (Kavar Cleanslate) @ C88
Body- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara (Onyx LeShelle)
Ears and tail- + Cotton Usagi + {aii} (devilaii)
Ears- ^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ear Protruding (luciayes.magic)
Face Glitter- [lilthislilthat] Face and body Glitter (Karalee Aeon)

Body Suit and Stockings- erratic / celeste – lingerie / ivory SET (maitreya)(erratic.rain) @ C88
Crown- (Yummy) Mixed Flower Crown – Pinks (Polyester Partridge)
Shoes- Phedora ~  katrina heels  (22 colors )  (celena.galli)

bunny girl 4

A little black cat, spider and bat

A little black cat, spider and bat
1cd149d2a85afbbb888893ad643071a2KARA’S BODY:
Skin- [PF] <Vamp> – Doll V2 (Pack #3 – Slink) (mochi.milena)
Hair- ::Bold & Beauty:: Hair :: Taylor. (Fatpack) (jourdanmcmillan) @ The Epiphany 
Body- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara (Onyx LeShelle)
Eye sparkle-  [Sumii] Animated Eye Depth Prim (setsumi.tamatzui)
Eyes- [Buzz]Cora Eyes – Demon (eleri.catlyn)
Mouth- [[ CR ]]Nyam Nyam (tashanni)

Dress- UC spider net dress Maitreya black widow (unitedcolorsteam) @ TLC
Thong- Pepe – Latex Harness Panty – Black (pepehair) @ ROMP
Boots- REIGN.– COVEN BOOTIES- #3 RARE (kenadeecole) @ The Epiphany
Necklace- EarthStones Spider Cascade Necklace (Abraxxa Anatine) @ TLC
Bracers- …::: Scrub :::… WebGloves (ramon Jonstone)
Nails- ieQED talon.ring.set.obsidian (sigifaust) @ We Rp
Halo- I took the shoulder piece from this dress “Boudoir™Black Widow (Precious Restless)” and unlinked the web, then attached to my back.
Spiders- GizzA – Natalie Outfit – Patent Leather Version – Spiders (Giz Seorn) @ ON9 b8518c42ebff0478b7b89f05e4b45a25

the room

Candles- MN Cluster of Candles – textured (Twistia Twine)
Bottled candles- *May’s Soul* Dark Magic Bottles (May Tolsen) @ The Epiphany
Books- *May’s Soul* Dark Magic books (May Tolsen) @ The Epiphany
Jars- *May’s Soul* Dark Magic Potions (May Tolsen) @ The Epiphany
Roses- – .a.  DIY Love Potion – Ritual Roses {RED} (druunah.esharham)
Candle Skull- *May’s Soul* Dark Magic skull (May Tolsen) @ The Epiphany
Hand- Birdy – Altar set – Palm (nina.helix) @ The Chapter Four
Mirror- *May’s Soul* Dark Magic mirror (May Tolsen) @ The Epiphany
Crystal ball- *HEXtraordinary* Scrying Crystal (Corwin Lacourte)
Stones- Birdy – Altar set – Geod – Purple (nina.helix) @ The Chapter Four
Cards-*May’s Soul* Dark Magic tarot (May Tolsen) @ The Epiphany
Bag Runes and scrolls- *May’s Soul* Dark Magic Runes  (May Tolsen) @ The Epiphany
Table- *May’s Soul*  Dark Magic Altar (May Tolsen) @ The Epiphany