Take a risk with me

Hair- bonbon – yubi hair (ombres) (unpacked)
Tattoo- Lilithe’// Muzencab Tattoos
Makeup- :[P]:– Pearedine Makeup & Pearls – Fatpack
Horns- :[P]:– Stranded Swyrl Horns – Fatpack
Outfit- V/. VoluptasVirtualis -[Liev]
Legs- Sweet Thing. Succubus Mega-Fatpack (Legacy Hooves Upd.) (add)
Tail- Avarice Tail + {aii & ego}
Jewelry- Bleeding Heart Cuff Jewelry + {aii & ego}

Pure Evil

Hair- DOUX – Sophie hairstyle
Skin- .E l e i. – Sully (Complete Skin) / FST004
Tattoo- [AERTH] Sea Dragon Tattoos FATPACK @Chronicles&Legends
Wings- Amorous Demon Wings + {aii & ego} @ Coming soon to  Midnight Order- Jan 20th
Feathers- Holy Hell Body Feathers:Horns:Halo: + {aii & ego}
Feet- Draconis Legs & Tattoo + {aii & ego}
Claws-  :[P]:– Vaera Claws – Female v.01 @ midnight order jan.20
Glitter- ::Static:: Fae Embers {Female} [ADD]


Hair- DOUX – Belen hairstyle [BASIC PACK]
Eyes- :[P]:– Eyes – Tantric Night @ midnight order jan.20
Nails- :[P]:– Vaera Claws – Female v.01 @ midnight order jan.20
Feathers & Horn Halo- + Holy Hell Body Feathers:Horns:Halo: + {aii & ego} Feather textures- [AERTH] Starfire Wings MODS
Feathers 2- []Trap[] & :[P]: Harpy Head Feathers(boxed)
Wings- Starfire Angel Wings + {aii & ego}
Feet- [HP] – Dragobirb feet (female)

These new nails from .Petrichor are amazing. Not only can you change the color, length and shape, but you can also change the shine and the materials. They look so good, can not wait for more color packs! Check out the hud!

Druid’s dream

Hair- [Yomi] Aura Hair
Tattoo-  :[P]:– Viscivorus Skin (Femme):// Alcedo
Crown 1- cinphul // wilder ii [headdress]
Crown 2- Tentacio Dark side headpiece pink
Outfit-  :[P]: & ERSCH – Veridia Outfit @ epiphany

The Centipede

I had so much fun with the entire process of making this outfit, setting up the photo and then editing the picture. It’s almost therapeutic after a long stressful week. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did creating it.

Hair- DOUX – Boybye hairstyle
Skin- :[P]:– Zova Skin – Female
Tusks- Sweet Thing. Fangs & Tusks Kit
Tail- Oomukade Centipede + {Aii & Ego} @ Necrotize!
Outfit-  :[P]:– Talorah Riane Outfit @ Epiphany.
Rings- PENDULUM – ROCAILLE.Claws&ArmorRings – GOLD
Pets- PKC Face Centipedes

Mother of Mer

Hair- DOUX – Rosie hairstyle [FATPACK]
Chest Tattoo- :[P]:- Alora Overlay [BOM] – Pacifi [Fem.] @ Main Store
Ears- :[P&E]:- Verelle Ears @ The Epiphany
Headdress 1- :[P&E]:- Verelle Coral Crown @ The Epiphany
Headdress 2- :[P&E]:- Verelle Headdress @ The Epiphany
Necklace- :[P&E]:- Verelle Necklaces EXCLUSIVE @ The Epiphany
Collar- :[P&E]:- Verelle Pearl Necklace @ The Epiphany
Aura- :[P&E]:- Verelle Aura & :[P&E]:- Verelle Pearlaura @ The Epiphany
Top- :[P&E]:- Verelle Bra @ The Epiphany Shoulders- :[P&E]:- Verelle Shoulders @ The Epiphany
Sleeves- :[P&E]:- Verelle Sleeves @ The Epiphany
Belt- :[P&E]:- Verelle Belt @ The Epiphany
Panties- :[P&E]:- Verelle Thong @ The Epiphany
Legs- :[P&E]:- Verelle Legs @ The Epiphany
Staff- :[P&E]:- Verelle Staff [Battle] @ The Epiphany