The Centipede

I had so much fun with the entire process of making this outfit, setting up the photo and then editing the picture. It’s almost therapeutic after a long stressful week. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did creating it.

Hair- DOUX – Boybye hairstyle
Skin- :[P]:– Zova Skin – Female
Tusks- Sweet Thing. Fangs & Tusks Kit
Tail- Oomukade Centipede + {Aii & Ego} @ Necrotize!
Outfit-  :[P]:– Talorah Riane Outfit @ Epiphany.
Rings- PENDULUM – ROCAILLE.Claws&ArmorRings – GOLD
Pets- PKC Face Centipedes

In the depths of the sea

I’ve been so stupid busy RL. I made this avi the moment the head was sent out to us bloggers, just haven’t had the time to get this picture done. I love the way it came out, the head is lovely!

Head- BeSpoke Merfolk @ Mermaid Cove
Tail- Cynefin ~ Nemissa Base Set
Hair- [Yomi] Aura Hair
Scales- :[P]:- Alora Overlays – Pack 4
Back fin- DREAMCATCHER // Halo of fins / Fatpack Add
Finger web- Webbed Hands + {aii}
Crown 1- [NC] – Aquatic monster Crown (Blue) @ Mermaid Cove
Crown 2- Sweet Thing. Crystalline Crown
Crown 3- Fae Antenna copy/mod/no trans
Collar- Shadowmancer Neck Collar + {Aii}
Top- [NC] – Aquatic monster Star Fish Bra (Blue) @ Mermaid Cove
Skirt- Violent Seduction – Nemissa (FATPACK)
Fish- NKingyo Queen Gacha Review

Queen of this Realm

The last few days I’ve kept myself busy flying around the Fantasy Faire. I’ve found so many lovely spots to take photos (and I have) though this was may favorite with this outfit. If you are into fantasy and haven’t been to this years Fantasy Faire, please do yourself a favor by checking it out!

░Skin- :[P]: & TRAP – Kalari Vors Skin @ The Fantasy Faire 2021
░Eyes- :[P]:- Galinne Eye @ The Fantasy Faire 2021
░Hair- [Yomi] Lyra Hair
░Horns- :[P]:- Darkling Vys – Horns RARE
░Outfit- + Bellatrix Suit FATPACK + {Aii} @ The Fantasy Faire 2021
░Tail- + Avarice Tail + {Aii & Ego} @ The Fantasy Faire 2021

My photos were taken on the Fairelands Junction ~ Sponsored by The NeoVictoria Project

Soul Guardian


Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair-  DOUX – Cristal hairstyle [FATPACK]
Skin-  [theSkinnery] Emmy (Catwa) @ C88 Jan.
Eyes-  {S0NG} :: Heize Eyes @ KUSTOM9
Ears-  .random.Matter. – Song Elfie Ears @ KUSTOM9

Body suit- + Swordmaiden FATPACK +{egosumaii} (devilaii)
Boots- PBW_Freya_Lara_FantasyBoots (Xylphae)
Gloves- TURB – Tooth Grinder Executioner Gauntlet [Female] (ericsson.turbo)
Shoulders- .aisling. BBB&Yrnan FULLPACK
Crown- +Impius Altum Circlet Box +{egosumaii} (devilaii)
Halo-  + Celestial Halo + {aii} + {egosumaii} (Free gift)
Cape- + Swordmaiden FATPACK + {egosumaii}(devilaii)
Sword- + Swordmaiden FATPACK + {egosumaii}(devilaii)

A Queen’s nest


spider queenBODY:
Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!)
Hair- #taketomiWEST – Gabby – Fatpack (Bella Earst) @club taketomi
Skin- [Glam Affair] Masha Applier [ Catwa ] (Aida Ewing)
Eyes-  L’Etre – Catwa eyes [#59-68] HALLOWE’EN COLLECTION  (dam1710) @ Powder pack Catwa Oct. 18
Body Spikes-  + Body Thorns + {egosumaii} (devilaii) @ NEO Japan
Tusks- .:Soul:. Nippers – Orc (lerochelle.destiny)

Crown- :[P]:– Spidela Crown (aikea.rieko) @ Epiphany.
Body suit- :[P]:– Spidela Bodysuit [Mait] RARE (aikea.rieko) @ Epiphany.
Boots- :[P]:– Spidela Boots [Mait] RARE (aikea.rieko) @ Epiphany.
Shoe cover- N-core ARACHNID “FatPack 20 Colors” (claire.messenger)
Cuffs- :[P]:– Spidela Arm Cuff :// Noir (aikea.rieko) @ Epiphany.
Staff- :[P]:– Spidela Staff [D] RARE (aikea.rieko) @ Epiphany.
Smoke- + Unholy Blood + {aii} (devilaii)

spider queen 1

From the heavens she came

Head- CATWAHEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!)
Hair-  # taketomiWEST – Veronica – Fatpack (Bella Earst)
Skin-  [Glam Affair]Loly Applier [ Catwa ] (Aida Ewing) @ KUSTOM9 
Eyes-  {S0NG} :: Luna Eyes (Blogger Fatpack)(funeral.plutonian) @ KUSTOM9 
Ears-  :[P]:– Maliana Deco Ear (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Wings-  {egosumaii} + Seraphim Alis Fatpack +  (devilaii)

Panties-  :[P]:– Malia Bra & Panty [Mait] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Cuffs-  :[P]:– Maliana Wrist Cuff [L] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Anklets-  :[P]:– Maliana Anklet [R] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Circlet-  :[P]:– Maliana Circlet (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Chest piece-  :[P]:–  Lia Chestpiece [Mait] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Necklace-  :[P]:– Lia Necklace [Choker] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical
Rings-  :[P]:– Maliana Ringset [Maitreya] (aikea.rieko) @ Whimsical