Pure Evil

Hair- DOUX – Sophie hairstyle
Skin- .E l e i. – Sully (Complete Skin) / FST004
Tattoo- [AERTH] Sea Dragon Tattoos FATPACK @Chronicles&Legends
Wings- Amorous Demon Wings + {aii & ego} @ Coming soon to  Midnight Order- Jan 20th
Feathers- Holy Hell Body Feathers:Horns:Halo: + {aii & ego}
Feet- Draconis Legs & Tattoo + {aii & ego}
Claws-  :[P]:– Vaera Claws – Female v.01 @ midnight order jan.20
Glitter- ::Static:: Fae Embers {Female} [ADD]

The Centipede

I had so much fun with the entire process of making this outfit, setting up the photo and then editing the picture. It’s almost therapeutic after a long stressful week. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did creating it.

Hair- DOUX – Boybye hairstyle
Skin- :[P]:– Zova Skin – Female
Tusks- Sweet Thing. Fangs & Tusks Kit
Tail- Oomukade Centipede + {Aii & Ego} @ Necrotize!
Outfit-  :[P]:– Talorah Riane Outfit @ Epiphany.
Rings- PENDULUM – ROCAILLE.Claws&ArmorRings – GOLD
Pets- PKC Face Centipedes

Mother of Mer

Hair- DOUX – Rosie hairstyle [FATPACK]
Chest Tattoo- :[P]:- Alora Overlay [BOM] – Pacifi [Fem.] @ Main Store
Ears- :[P&E]:- Verelle Ears @ The Epiphany
Headdress 1- :[P&E]:- Verelle Coral Crown @ The Epiphany
Headdress 2- :[P&E]:- Verelle Headdress @ The Epiphany
Necklace- :[P&E]:- Verelle Necklaces EXCLUSIVE @ The Epiphany
Collar- :[P&E]:- Verelle Pearl Necklace @ The Epiphany
Aura- :[P&E]:- Verelle Aura & :[P&E]:- Verelle Pearlaura @ The Epiphany
Top- :[P&E]:- Verelle Bra @ The Epiphany Shoulders- :[P&E]:- Verelle Shoulders @ The Epiphany
Sleeves- :[P&E]:- Verelle Sleeves @ The Epiphany
Belt- :[P&E]:- Verelle Belt @ The Epiphany
Panties- :[P&E]:- Verelle Thong @ The Epiphany
Legs- :[P&E]:- Verelle Legs @ The Epiphany
Staff- :[P&E]:- Verelle Staff [Battle] @ The Epiphany

Sultry Emerald

Hair- DOUX – Becca hairstyle
Eyes- :[P]:- Galinne Eye (vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Halo- :[P]:- Matevari Halo [Full](vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Outfit- :[P]:- Matevari Gatcha (vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Boa- :[P]:- Matevari Boa [Goddess] (vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Collar- :[P]:- Matevari Harness [Legacy] (vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Claws- PENDULUM – ROCAILLE.Claws&ArmorRings – GOLD

Divine Mercy

My goodness, I forgot what my avatar looked like, I always have some sort of fantasy head on now and days. Kara doesn’t look happy, does she? Oh well, she’s an angel, look at her all pure and stuff! I’ve been up since 2:30 am… I might be a little delirious right now! LOL

░Hair- DOUX – Angeni Hairstyle
░Ears- .random.Matter. – Song Elfie Ears
░Tattoo- + Dragonkin Underarmor (Holy) + {aii}
░Dress/leg wraps- Vincue / Witchie Dress – Snow & Vincue / Witchie Leg Straps – Snow
░Halo/moon- :[P]:- Lunaveina Head-Deco & :[P]:- Lunaveina Floaties
░Body Chain- (Yummy) Erin Chain Set – Legacy
(If you would like to ask about anything else I am wearing, feel free to message me in world Karalee Aeon)

Strolled into the wrong territory

Continuing my “Big Girls” collection, this is my Orc. I have yet to name her, she is most def one of my favorites though. I just updated her to the bento mesh head from bespoke. I love the way she came out. I will try to do my troll next!

Orc Heads- BeSpoke Female Orc Head (this head really is amazing, if you are looking for a bad ass fantasy head, check these folks out! Hair- DOUX – Elijah Hairstyle
Outfits- PFC (A mixture of pfc outfits) Axe- LR Nyodir Axe

They call me sweetheart

31960627127_f9bc279456_k1 1 1 1 1 1

Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair-  DOUX – Ariana hairstyle [BASIC PACK]
Skin-  [theSkinnery] Emmy (Catwa)  @ COLLABOR88
Eyes-  .euphoric ~Vivian Eyes Applier ~[Catwa] @ January Powder Pack
Nails- .tsg. Bento Nails – Coffin Shape – Pink Chrome [Maitreya] @ The first ever Soiree
Eyeshadow- [Pink Fuel] Powder Pack SL – CATWA (January 2019) @ January Powder Pack
Lipstick- [Pink Fuel] Powder Pack SL – CATWA (January 2019) @ January Powder Pack
Cheek glitter- #ADORED – pixie dust highlighter {catwa} @ January Powder Pack

Dress- Vincue / Winnie Set ~Things @ The Seasons Story
Shoes- Phedora ~ Dani Heels @ A+ Event 
Collar- Kibitz – Alexa’s choker – fatpak @ N21
Earrings- .random.Matter. – Kwan Set  @ COLLABOR88
Rings- Kibitz – Lexa’s rings – fatpack @ N21
Body Glitter- [Cynful] Stripper Body Dust

1 1 1 1 1 1 cthe room 1
House-  NOMAD // Maison Bleue @ COLLABOR88
Mirror- Kalopsia – Cleo – Fancy Mirror @ COLLABOR88
Lamps- Kalopsia – Cleo – Art Deco Lamp @ COLLABOR88
Sink- Foxwood – Spa – Sink @ COLLABOR88
Rug- Kalopsia – Cleo – Faux Fur Rug – White @ COLLABOR88
Chair- Kalopsia – Cleo – Paracord Bench @ COLLABOR88
Books- Kalopsia – Cleo – Pile of Books @ COLLABOR88
Robe- Foxwood – Spa – Robe @ COLLABOR88
Shelf- Foxwood – Spa – Tray @ COLLABOR88
Rack- Foxwood – Spa – Shelf @ COLLABOR88
Moon- FOXCITY. Prop (With poses) – Crescent Moon (Gold) (Rez) @ The first ever Soiree

Soul Guardian


Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair-  DOUX – Cristal hairstyle [FATPACK]
Skin-  [theSkinnery] Emmy (Catwa) @ C88 Jan.
Eyes-  {S0NG} :: Heize Eyes @ KUSTOM9
Ears-  .random.Matter. – Song Elfie Ears @ KUSTOM9

Body suit- + Swordmaiden FATPACK +{egosumaii} (devilaii)
Boots- PBW_Freya_Lara_FantasyBoots (Xylphae)
Gloves- TURB – Tooth Grinder Executioner Gauntlet [Female] (ericsson.turbo)
Shoulders- .aisling. BBB&Yrnan FULLPACK
Crown- +Impius Altum Circlet Box +{egosumaii} (devilaii)
Halo-  + Celestial Halo + {aii} + {egosumaii} (Free gift)
Cape- + Swordmaiden FATPACK + {egosumaii}(devilaii)
Sword- + Swordmaiden FATPACK + {egosumaii}(devilaii)

New Light

46656049662_9ceafe7318_kWhy bash people for making beautiful art. Why try to cut another woman down. Try to spread positivity. Remember we have feelings. Remember we are not all the same.  #ForAlice.

Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair-  DOUX – Meghan hairstyle [FATPACK] (dam1710) @ Dubai Event
Skin- [theSkinnery] Emmy (Catwa) (umazuma.metaluna) @ COLLABOR88
Lipstick- L’Etre – Fall Edge [FATPACK] (dam1710)
Nails- (NO) Art Nails – Cable Knit (Nylon Pinkney) @ COLLABOR88

Dress-  Scandalize. Vivian. FATPACK (Yanikka) @ FAMESHED EVENT
Shoes-  Phedora ~ Draun boots (Celena Galli) @ COLLABOR88
Necklace- LaGyo_Marla Set (gyorgyna.larnia) @ COLLABOR88

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