Just a little Halloween party

45327433202_82ee7690d4_khalloween party

Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!)
Hair-  #taketomiWEST – Emma – Fatpack (bella.earst)
Skin- [Glam Affair] Pepper Applier [ Catwa ](Aida Ewing) @ KUSTOM9
Lipstick-  [ MUDSKIN ]_UNIQUE LIP SET # 6 (CATWA)(sopha.portal) @ KUSTOM9
Nails-  .tsg. Bento Nails – Stiletto Shape – Vampira (eilfie.sugarplum) @ The Arcade Oct. round!

Dress- Vincue / Stacie Dress – FatPack (Cate Ying)(Cate Ying) @ The Season Story
Shoes- Phedora ~ Bloopy heels (Celena Galli) @ COLLABOR88
Head Piece- =Zenith=Maleficent headband (All Color) (miffyhoi.rosca) @ COLLABOR88
Mask- =Zenith=Venetian Style Flower Masquerade Mask (Black) (miffyhoi.rosca) @ COLLABOR88
Choker- Vincue / Stacie Choker – FatPack *GIFT*(Cate Ying) @ The Season Story
Rings- (Yummy) Ouija Ring Set (Polyester Partridge) @ COLLABOR88

halloween party2halloween_003FURNITURE:
Skybox-  EQUAL – Sinister Attic – Skybox #1RARE (Kashvii) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Tables-  Kalopsia – Coffin Buffet (RARE) (Bloggers & Buddies) (shawneese.offcourse) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Rug-  Birdy – Spooky Delight – Rug – Black (nina.helix) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Cart-  Birdy – Spooky Delight – Party Trolly RARE (nina.helix) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Web-  Astralia – Pastel Goth Playground (Black spider web)(Astralia) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Ghost-  #EMPIRE – Halloween – #12 – Ghost *B* (queenshop) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Balloons-  #EMPIRE – Halloween – #11 – Balloon *B* (queenshop) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Goblets-  220ML – How to kill the Princess – Evil Chalice (Jonas Acanthus) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Beer cooler-  Astralia – Pastel Goth Playground (Coffin Cooler) (Astralia) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Wall picture-  220ML – How to kill the Princess – Happy&Sad Mirror  (Jonas Acanthus) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Spiders-  #EMPIRE – Halloween – #7 – Spider Black *B* & Halloween – #8 – Spider White *B* &  Halloween – #9 – Spider Orange *B* (queenshop) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Cupcakes-  #EMPIRE – Halloween – #1 – Cupcake Rainbow *B* & Halloween – #2 – Cupcake Orange *B* &  Halloween – #3 – Cupcake Green *B* & Halloween – #6 – Cupcake White *B* (queenshop) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Cake-  Kalopsia – Scream Cake (shawneese.offcourse) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Cauldron-  #EMPIRE – Halloween – #20 – Bowl Soup *B* (queenshop) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Apples- 220ML – How to kill the Princess – Poisoned Apples (Jonas Acanthus) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Pumpkins-  #EMPIRE – Halloween – #25 – Pumpkin Holder *B* (queenshop) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Books-  220ML – How to kill the Princess – Poison Spells (Jonas Acanthus) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Pestle-  220ML – How to kill the Princess – Pestle (Jonas Acanthus) @ The Arcade Oct. round!
Boo-  #EMPIRE – Halloween – #23 – Boo Orange *B* (queenshop) @ The Arcade Oct. round!

Nicer when I like my outfit


Photo booth- FOXCITY. Photo Booth – #DressingRoom Pink (Satomi Masukami) @ Kustom9
Pose- FOXCITY. Selfie VOL3 Bento Pose Set (Satomi Masukami) @ Kustom9


Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!)
Hair- #taketomiWEST – Avianna – Fatpack (bella.earst) (Join the Club Taketomi for  limited time discount on amazing hair, #WORTH)
Skin- amara beauty – Bianca Skin – CATWA (Shantia Soulstar)@ April Powder Pack
Eyeshadow- Colivati Beauty – Powder Pack April 2018 Catwa (Colivati) @ April Powder Pack
Lipstick- Colivati Beauty – Powder Pack April 2018 Catwa (Colivati) @ April Powder Pack
Lashes- Bossie. koko make up set [catwa](miraleen)@ April Powder Pack
Tattoo- DAPPA – Kanari Tattoo.(karlosguerrero)
Nails- Astralia – Compatible nails system (Pack 1)(Astralia) @ Kustom9

Top- Vincue / Cattie Top – Maitreya (Cate Ying) @ Kustom9
Shorts- BUENO-Nin Shorts -Fatpack (buenosl) @ Kustom9
Shoes- Pure Poison – Daphne Platforms [BOXED](Shaleene Kenin) @ Kustom9
Phone- FOXCITY. Selfie VOL3 Bento Pose Set (Satomi Masukami) @ Kustom9
Necklace- CODEX_CHOKER ARYA (animaldj) @ Kinky
Piercings-  :: SAGA :: Verena Jewel Set Gold (christel.morane) @ Kustom9
Rings- Kibitz — Chloe Rings – Gold (luxelitemanager) @ Kustom9sloot2


Skybox- Astralia – Royal SPA suite (Skybox) RARE (Astralia) @ The Arcade
Plant- ARIA – Solace Potted Philodendron (yelo.uriza) @ The Arcade
Fruit- Astralia – Royal SPA suite (fruit plate)(Astralia) @ The Arcade
Slippers- Astralia – Royal SPA suite (slippers) Maitreya flat (Astralia) @ The Arcade
Bath stuff- Astralia – Royal SPA suite (relax kit)(Astralia) @ The Arcade

Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)(updated bento face ao!)
Skin- Atomic. Gacha // Catwa Skin_Blossom – Sugar 2(Ivy Graves) @ The Arcade
Hair- DOUX – Shawnte hairstyle [FATPACK](dam1710)

Bikini- Astralia – Royal SPA suite (Bikini bra) Maitreya RARE And Panties RARE (Astralia) @ The Arcade
Head Towel- Astralia – Royal SPA suite (head towel) orange (Astralia) @ The Arcade
Arm Towel- :: MOMOCHUU :: Aoi – [unrigged] Hand- B (momoanna)
Piercings-.02 [ kunst ] – Septum flower #1 RARE & .05 [ kunst ] – Flower nose / left (Kunst Himmel) @ The Arcade


Come play with me?

House- NOMAD // Rainy Day Loft (piraiyah.novikov) @ COLLABOR88
Cage- Astralia – Cute and naughty cage bed (Astralia) @ ROMP
Doggy props- +Half-Deer+ Dog Clutter [C88 – Bloggers] (halogen.magic) @ COLLABOR88
Head- CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair-  .Olive. the Annette Hair (naminaeko) @ COLLABOR88
Skin- [PF] Adeline – CATWA Applier (mochi.milena) @ COLLABOR88
Human Ears- L’Etre – Crystal mesh ears (dam1710)
Tattoo- .Identity. Body Shop – Rise Strong (Melissa Hindrabar)
Dog ears- Floppy Dog Ears (nyka.rain)

Harness- S&P harness Tam (xxsaltandpepperxx) @ ROMP
Boots-_CandyDoll_ Layla Boots – Light Colors (rebeca.dembo) @ COLLABOR88
Muzzle- Ama. : Muzzle Me (Amadeo Dubratt)
Collar- Cae :: Ardor :: Collar [bagged] (caelan.hancroft) @ ROMP
Rings- (Yummy) Raining Diamonds – Maitreya (Polyester Partridge) @ COLLABOR88

She works hard for the money

Astralia – Night Lust Club Gacha (Astralia) @ The Arcade
Head-  CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Hair- Doe: Bubbles /FIT/ – Sample Pack (Helyanwe Vindaloo) @ The Arcade 
Ears-  ^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ear (luciayes.magic)

Outfit- Astralia – Night Lust (Astralia) @ The Arcade
Socks- {le fil casse} Jae Collection High Sock Maitreya Black (Jacinda Jaxxon) @ The Arcade
Collar- .tsg. Save The Queen Collar – Black (eilfie.sugarplum) @ The Arcade
Necklace- #EMPIRE – Letter Necklace – Black – K *Maitreya* (queenshop) @ The Arcade

No where better for the weather

beach girl 1BODY:
Head-  CATWA HEAD Lona  (catwa.clip)
Skin- Glam Affair – Rina – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – America (Aida Ewing) @ C88
Hair- little bones. Dita \\ The Blondie (Nova Faerye) @ The Arcade 
Body- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara (Onyx LeShelle)
Nails- ~GD~ Summertime Chic(Square Tips) – Vista, Lara, Slink BENTO (kea.amarula)
Lipstick- Bossie. dollie lipsticks & gloss [catwa] (miraleen) @ Cosmetic Fair
Eyeshadow- Bossie. summer eyeshadows [catwa] (miraleen) @ Cosmetic Fair

Bikini- Mossu – Tropical Delight – FATPACK (akirakiyoi) @ Tropical Summer 2017
Shoes- #EMPIRE – Slippers High – Word – *Maitreya* (queenshop) @ The Arcade
Glasses- Birdy – Festival – Shades – 25 Roll Exclusive (nina.helix) @ The Arcade
Belly Chain- #EMPIRE – Summer Time – Belly Chain {Maitreya} (queenshop) @ The Arcade
Rings– Kibitz – Adelie rings – gold – left – maitreya (Kathya Szczepanski)

beach girl 2boatFURNITURE:
Astralia – Pink Dreams Boat RARE (astralia) @ The Arcade
Astralia – Pink Dreams dinghy (Animated) (astralia) @ The Arcade
Sweet Thing. Pink Kitty Floaty (ayashula) @ The Arcade
#EMPIRE – Summer Time – Floating Tire 2 – (queenshop) @ The Arcade
Astralia – Pink Dreams Inflatable mouth (astralia) @ The Arcade
#EMPIRE – Summer Time – Floating Tire 1 – (queenshop) @ The Arcade
PILOT – Pool Noodles (Kaz Nayar) @ The Arcade
Astralia – Pink Dreams Beach Cot (animated) (astralia) @ The Arcade
Astralia – Pink Dreams beach towel (animated) (astralia) @ The Arcade
PILOT – Bunched up Cover Up [Tropical] (Kaz Nayar) @ The Arcade
PILOT – Bunched up Vneck [Vintage Red] (Kaz Nayar) @ The Arcade
brocante. beach cruiser / silver [c/m/nt] (ValiantCo) @ The Arcade
brocante. beach cruiser / sunny RARE [c/m/nt] (ValiantCo) @ The Arcade
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – Steak (Julliette Westerburg) @ The Arcade
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – Fruit Skewers (Julliette Westerburg) @ The Arcade
Tres Blah – Summer Fete – Platter (Julliette Westerburg) @ The Arcade
Second Spaces – Party Drinks – garnishes RARE (Elle Kirshner)
{moss&mink} Summer of 69 – Beachball (Cielo Capalini)

The Koi Mermaid

The Koi Mermaid
e9a6839f842546635bf86db13fc0122e (1)
Skin- -Glam Affair –  Aria – Artic 04 H (aida Ewing)
Hair- Exile::Looking Back (Kavar Cleanslate)
Body- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara (Onyx LeShelle)
Eyes- [Buzz] Elysium Eyes – Ice (eleri.catlyn)
Eyeliner-  -Glam Affair-Couture Eyeliner no.01  (Amberly Boccaccio)
Eyeshadow-  Izzie’s– Petal Eye Make-Up (Izzie’s – Petal Eye Make-Up) (Izzie Button)
Lashes- Mai Bilavio:.Clumpy Princess Lash Set (Mai Bilavio)
Nails-~GD~ Lilim(Get Ya Tip On) – For Maitreya Mesh Hands (kea.amarula)
Ears- +pe+ Sirens Ears – Nautilust (kioko.kumaki)
Tail- *M.C.* Koi Collection (Kol Tchailenov)
Fins- ~*S.E.*~ Dawn Child of Proteus (Grey) Fin (Attached to arms and modded to correct size) (Draconias Timeless)

Headdress 1- Astralia – Ursula headpiece (astralia)  @ The Epiphany 
Headdress 2- ~Tableau Vivant~ Mermaid headdress – Arowana (rare) (M4ri1yn Magic)
Top- Astralia – Ursula Bra (RARE) (astralia)  @ The Epiphany 
Wings- Astralia – Ursula Coral wing (astralia)  @ The Epiphany 
Body decor-  Astralia  – Ursula belly decoration (1 addon) & (2 addon) & Ursula Left & Right arm decoration (astralia)  @ The Epiphany 



Purple lady
Skin-   alterego I taryn – gen2 [lomo] wear (Toxxic Rhiannyr)
Hair-  .LeLutka. Angie hair.Range (Thora Charron)
Body- Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara (Onyx LeShelle)
Eye sparkle- [Sumii] Animated Eye Depth Prim (setsumi.tamatzui)
Eyes-  A.D.D.Andel! Galaxy Eyes- Purple/Orange (Andel Rhiadra) @ The Epiphany 
Brows- Bossie. alice eyebrows (miraleen)
Ears- [MANDALA] STEKING EARS Season 5 (kikunosuke.eel)

Outfit- {aii} + Sweetheart Succubus Black (devilaii) @ ROMP
Collar- S&P Collar Joan maitreya (xxsaltandpepperxx) @ We ❤ RP 
Bindi- Kibitz – Bindi #3 (Kathya Szczepanski)
Arm cuff-  Astralia – Anesh bracelet (astralia) @ The Epiphany
Bracelets- Kibitz  – Cicely cuff – onyx (Kathya Szczepanski) @ We ❤ RP
Rings- :[P]:– The Geoh Ringset (aikea.rieko) @ Shiny Shabby
Anklets- CD Festival Cuff Black (nitestar.albion) @ We ❤ RP

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