Hot Drive

Hot Drive

Hair- Unorthodox ft. Vaydia- Maya Hair
Hair Pins- ::Static:: Moirae Veil {Clotho}
Tattoo- [AERTH]  Vector Subdermal Fatpack Creator: nathyrria @ abstrakt
Eye- ~By Snow~ Citadel Eyes
Face implants 1- + [Chevron V1] “Decoware” Face Implant
Face implants 2- :::SOLE::: SA – Proof
Eyepatch- :::SOLE::: SA – Eyepatch Mk.1 (Black)
Earrings- Normandy-Ziqi.EarRings
Collar- Common 17 :::SOLE::: STD-P Choker (Black)
Backpack- :::SOLE::: SA Backpack LB2 (Black)
Arms- .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Infinity Arms
Body Suit- G503 Cocoon
Bikini- Normandy-Naxell Creator: daeneryshighheels @ [MAINFRAME]
Boots- [The Forge] Gaia Boots, Black (Box)

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