Treasure Hunter

Hair- [monso] My Hair – Meiga /Mix & Pop
Top- PFC~Innkeeper (Made the bottem of the shirt ruffles invisible)
Collar-:[P]:– Karzakk Collar [F] @ Midnight Order
Pants & Boots- AsteroidBox. Mitore Outfit – Brown
Cape- Raven Bell – Fey Cape & Pauldrons
Gloves- Skellybones — Rae Gloves – Black
Floating Object-:[P]:- Jiralyn Artifact @ Warehouse Sale
Leg Harness-[NC] – Hunter Harness
Side Pouch- :[P]:– Araleus Satchel
Sword- :[P]:– Araleus Sword

I’ve traveled through space and time, I’ve seen this all before

Hair- LB. Reason – The Fusion
Skin- :[P]:- Constella Skin (Femme):// Atria @ Mainstore
Legs/Arms- :[P]:- Andromyda Limbs FEMALE Soon @ Crystal Heart
Horns- :[P]:- Andromyda Horns Soon @ Crystal Heart
Collar- :[P]:- The Avii Harness & Collar:// Reale @ Mainstore
Halo- :[P]:- The Verys Halos @ Mainstore
Halo 2- LUX AETERNA [The Throne’s Halo]
Outfit- Astral Divinity {egosumaii} @ Mainstore
Tummy Piece- [AERTH] Lunar Magician Belt Soon @ Crystal Heart
Gems- FAKEICON / mary gems collar / FATPACK

Mother of Mer

Hair- DOUX – Rosie hairstyle [FATPACK]
Chest Tattoo- :[P]:- Alora Overlay [BOM] – Pacifi [Fem.] @ Main Store
Ears- :[P&E]:- Verelle Ears @ The Epiphany
Headdress 1- :[P&E]:- Verelle Coral Crown @ The Epiphany
Headdress 2- :[P&E]:- Verelle Headdress @ The Epiphany
Necklace- :[P&E]:- Verelle Necklaces EXCLUSIVE @ The Epiphany
Collar- :[P&E]:- Verelle Pearl Necklace @ The Epiphany
Aura- :[P&E]:- Verelle Aura & :[P&E]:- Verelle Pearlaura @ The Epiphany
Top- :[P&E]:- Verelle Bra @ The Epiphany Shoulders- :[P&E]:- Verelle Shoulders @ The Epiphany
Sleeves- :[P&E]:- Verelle Sleeves @ The Epiphany
Belt- :[P&E]:- Verelle Belt @ The Epiphany
Panties- :[P&E]:- Verelle Thong @ The Epiphany
Legs- :[P&E]:- Verelle Legs @ The Epiphany
Staff- :[P&E]:- Verelle Staff [Battle] @ The Epiphany

Sultry Emerald

Hair- DOUX – Becca hairstyle
Eyes- :[P]:- Galinne Eye (vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Halo- :[P]:- Matevari Halo [Full](vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Outfit- :[P]:- Matevari Gatcha (vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Boa- :[P]:- Matevari Boa [Goddess] (vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Collar- :[P]:- Matevari Harness [Legacy] (vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Claws- PENDULUM – ROCAILLE.Claws&ArmorRings – GOLD

The Moon Elf Sorceress

Hair- [monso] Jenn Hair /Mix & Pop
Tattoo- Izzie’s – Metallic Arrow Tattoo
Crown- LYBRA . Persephone Crown Gold
Halo- :[P]:- The Verys Halos @ Mainstore
Bindi- duckie . torment chest gem white
Collar- Shadowmancer Neck Collar + {Aii}
Outfit- . The Rotting Lab . Imperia Lingerie
Bracers- V/. VoluptasVirtualis -[Amaranth] – ALL
Claws- PENDULUM – ILLYRIAN.ArmorRings – Gold [add]

In the depths of the sea

I’ve been so stupid busy RL. I made this avi the moment the head was sent out to us bloggers, just haven’t had the time to get this picture done. I love the way it came out, the head is lovely!

Head- BeSpoke Merfolk @ Mermaid Cove
Tail- Cynefin ~ Nemissa Base Set
Hair- [Yomi] Aura Hair
Scales- :[P]:- Alora Overlays – Pack 4
Back fin- DREAMCATCHER // Halo of fins / Fatpack Add
Finger web- Webbed Hands + {aii}
Crown 1- [NC] – Aquatic monster Crown (Blue) @ Mermaid Cove
Crown 2- Sweet Thing. Crystalline Crown
Crown 3- Fae Antenna copy/mod/no trans
Collar- Shadowmancer Neck Collar + {Aii}
Top- [NC] – Aquatic monster Star Fish Bra (Blue) @ Mermaid Cove
Skirt- Violent Seduction – Nemissa (FATPACK)
Fish- NKingyo Queen Gacha Review

I was walking home Looking at the trees Got the feeling that they Were looking back at me

░Head- BeSpoke – Dryad Autumn – Bento Head [1.0] + Autumn New @ We ❤ Roleplay
░Skin- BeSpoke – Dryad – Skin – Fem Forest Queen New @ We ❤ Roleplay
░Branches-BeSpoke – Treant Conservator – Branches New @ Bespoke Main Store
░Hair- Caverna Obscura Summer Oak Dryad Hair ~Model A~
░Owl- HEXtraordinary Scops Owl – Perched
░Staff- Clover – Alda staff
░Outfit- Poison Ivy Top by Caverna Obscura – Maitreya & Caverna Obscura Mushroom Dryad SUMMER Shrooms – Maitreya & Caverna Obscura Poison Ivy L Leg – Maitreya