Skin- VELOUR: Susana Fantasy for Evo X
Hair- [Yomi] Tenshi Hair
3rd Eye- + Demonic Touch + {aii & ego} 
Lashes- Void + Minttea – Demure Lashes
Nails- + Demonic Touch +  {aii & ego} 
Halo 1- CC – Planetary Princess
Halo 2- .random.Matter. x Bonbon – Star Girl – Hair – RARE
Collar- duckie . custom hologram collar
Outfit- [P&E]:– Lana (Vae is one of the few amazing creators whom makes her items MOD. I was able to make the straps glow to give this cool effect. Thank you Vae for making your items MOD, I wish more creators would get on board.) @ LEVEL Event
Boots- Normandy-Stasis.Boots Latex-add
Stars- Void & Minttea – Elysian Luminescent Markings (Unpacked)
Glitter- Cynful Pixie Dust


Hair- WINGS-HAIR-ER0505 Variety
Skin- :[P]:- Vareni Muted – Fem – Aeluela
Body Glitter- H2 – Mesh Glitter for body My/Lg/Kp/eB
Rings-(Yummy) Oceana Ring Collection (reborn)
Horns-  [AERTH]  Moon Tears Horns
Lashes- Void + Minttea – Demure Lashes
Halo- Decoy – Solaris Halo Crown: Gold
Bindi- Random Matter – Emhyr Glyph
Top & Dress- :[P&E]:– Gaelinne Outfit @ Epiphany 2022 
Undies- V/.VoluptasVirtualis – [Aniera] 1.1
Leg Cuffs- Moon. Cutie Moon Garters // MST MOD // Add On


Hair- DOUX – Yana hairstyle [BLOGGER PACK]
Lashes- Void + Minttea – Demure Lashes (Unpacked)
Crown- (Yummy) Mixed Flower Crown – Pinks
Glasses- AIR_Lilla_Gold_CM_mp** glasses
Nose- + Lunar Rabbit Nose (EvoX) v1 + {aii & ego}
Ears- + Lunar Rabbit Ears & Tail + {aii & ego}
Fur- [AR] ANTARI Overlay (Tinted)
Bikini- MUSE – Wildflower Nectar – Lingerie – Coffee
Bindi- + Iron Rose Headpiece +{aii & ego}
Collar- (Yummy) Ephemera Quartz Necklace (Legacy)
Arm Cuffs- MAZE.mods – Soft Arms BoM (eBody Reborn)
Tigh Ribbons- [KILO] Ribbon FL Garters
Feet- + Dainty Beast Feet + {aii & ego}


Hair- tram L0625 hair / HUD-A
Eyes- IKON Babylon Eyes – Pack 2
Circlet- .[ KUMIHO ]. Alary Jeweled Circlet FATPACK
Top & Belt- :[P&E]:– Raevynna – Leather @  KINKY EVENT
Arm & Leg Chains- :[P&E]:– Theriana Limbs – eBody
Armor- PFC~She tank
Boots- :[P]:– Togruah Boots [Ebody]
Cape- PFC~Legatus
Glove- ANDORE – hand harness – Divida [OriginalPack]
Sword- EF: The Auroras: Borealis Sword


Aura- ::Static:: Fae Embers {Female}
Glow- pod. Legacy F Outline
Hair- (EPOQUE HAIR) Ever – Genetic
Braid- Raven Bell – Bento Braid [Fatpack]
Strands- Raven Bell – Wisp Pieces [All the Wisps]
Lashes- Void + Minttea – Demure Lashes
Makeup 1- [AERTH] Angelic Face Tattoo Gold evox
Makeup 2- [AERTH]  Creature Genetics Eyeshadow 1 v6 Evox
Cheek Glitter- WarPaint* Angel highligher [Lelutka EvoX]
Tattoo- Lilithe’// Muzencab Tattoos (Faded)
Ear Fade- [AERTH] Creature Genetics Ear Fades Ocean Evox
Halo-  :[P]:– Arys Halo w/Gems
Crown- (Yummy) Mixed Flower Crown – Pinks (Tinted)
Nose Chain- .random.Matter. – Sanza Nose Chain – Gold
Jewelry- + Iron Rose Outfit +  {aii & ego}
Outfit- + Iron Rose Outfit +  {aii & ego}(Tinted)
Cape- + Eternal Bloom Horns & Mantle +  {aii & ego} (tinted)
Long Cape- + Liless Suit Black +  {aii} (Tinted)
Birds- CURELESS [+] Flower Kissers Tiara / FATPACK


Hair- Stealthic – Mesmer (Full Pack)
Horns- + Lily Archdevil FATPACK + {aii & ego}
Wings & Tails- JOMO Dragon-V1-Female-Wing & Tail-E
Nails/Claws- + Demonic Touch + {aii & ego}
Legs- + Draconis Legs & Tattoo + {aii & ego}
Body Chains- :[P&E]:– Theriana Chains @ Fetish Fair
Collar- REKT_OpusQueen Bronze


Hair- [monso] Cherri2 Hair /Mix & Pop
Makeup-[AERTH]  Creature Genetics FATPACK EVOX
Horns- Prevailing Thorns Head&Body + {egosumaii}
3rd eye- Demonic Touch + {aii & ego}
Claws- Demonic Touch + {aii & ego}
Glasses- Random Matter – Danica Glasses [Silver]
Outfit- :[P&E]:– Grallius – Fabric Pack @ WAREHOUSE SALE
Cuffs- Bleeding Heart Cuff Jewelry + {aii & ego}
Hooves- Apricot Paws: Hoofy Toes (Female) v1.3b


Hair- DOUX – Medusa hairstyle [BASIC PACK]
Face Tattoo- [AERTH] Creature Genetics FATPACK @ we ❤ roleplay
Body Tattoo- [AERTH] Sylasia Body Tattoo (BOXED)
Outfit- :[P&E]:– Lianwenne – Apocalyptic
Gloves- ::Static:: Countess Longsleeves [ADD]
Cape- ERSCH – Melfea Cape -black-
Pouch- PFC~Hip Satchel
Lantern- ::Static:: Hunter’s Hip Lamp [ADD]


Skin- :[P]:– Zova Skin – Female [Unpacker]
Face Tattoo-+ {aii & ego} Mythical Mega Makeup Pack (BoM/EvoX/SLUV)
Horns- + {aii & ego}Lily Devil Horns ( Doubled up with no No Jewelry horns)
Wings-+  {aii & ego} Lily Archdevil Wings (bento / size L) (Tinted to match skin)
Outfit- :[P]:– Varkylde Outfit – Shadow Warehouse Sale
Tail-  {aii & ego} Lily Devil Tail (bento / bom)
Chest Gems- SCHOEN – Reina Collier – Hair- DOUX – Yana Hairstyle