Mother of Mer

Hair- DOUX – Rosie hairstyle [FATPACK]
Chest Tattoo- :[P]:- Alora Overlay [BOM] – Pacifi [Fem.] @ Main Store
Ears- :[P&E]:- Verelle Ears @ The Epiphany
Headdress 1- :[P&E]:- Verelle Coral Crown @ The Epiphany
Headdress 2- :[P&E]:- Verelle Headdress @ The Epiphany
Necklace- :[P&E]:- Verelle Necklaces EXCLUSIVE @ The Epiphany
Collar- :[P&E]:- Verelle Pearl Necklace @ The Epiphany
Aura- :[P&E]:- Verelle Aura & :[P&E]:- Verelle Pearlaura @ The Epiphany
Top- :[P&E]:- Verelle Bra @ The Epiphany Shoulders- :[P&E]:- Verelle Shoulders @ The Epiphany
Sleeves- :[P&E]:- Verelle Sleeves @ The Epiphany
Belt- :[P&E]:- Verelle Belt @ The Epiphany
Panties- :[P&E]:- Verelle Thong @ The Epiphany
Legs- :[P&E]:- Verelle Legs @ The Epiphany
Staff- :[P&E]:- Verelle Staff [Battle] @ The Epiphany

Sultry Emerald

Hair- DOUX – Becca hairstyle
Eyes- :[P]:- Galinne Eye (vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Halo- :[P]:- Matevari Halo [Full](vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Outfit- :[P]:- Matevari Gatcha (vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Boa- :[P]:- Matevari Boa [Goddess] (vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Collar- :[P]:- Matevari Harness [Legacy] (vae.darkheart) Coming for Epiphany
Claws- PENDULUM – ROCAILLE.Claws&ArmorRings – GOLD

The Moon Elf Sorceress

Hair- [monso] Jenn Hair /Mix & Pop
Tattoo- Izzie’s – Metallic Arrow Tattoo
Crown- LYBRA . Persephone Crown Gold
Halo- :[P]:- The Verys Halos @ Mainstore
Bindi- duckie . torment chest gem white
Collar- Shadowmancer Neck Collar + {Aii}
Outfit- . The Rotting Lab . Imperia Lingerie
Bracers- V/. VoluptasVirtualis -[Amaranth] – ALL
Claws- PENDULUM – ILLYRIAN.ArmorRings – Gold [add]

In the depths of the sea

I’ve been so stupid busy RL. I made this avi the moment the head was sent out to us bloggers, just haven’t had the time to get this picture done. I love the way it came out, the head is lovely!

Head- BeSpoke Merfolk @ Mermaid Cove
Tail- Cynefin ~ Nemissa Base Set
Hair- [Yomi] Aura Hair
Scales- :[P]:- Alora Overlays – Pack 4
Back fin- DREAMCATCHER // Halo of fins / Fatpack Add
Finger web- Webbed Hands + {aii}
Crown 1- [NC] – Aquatic monster Crown (Blue) @ Mermaid Cove
Crown 2- Sweet Thing. Crystalline Crown
Crown 3- Fae Antenna copy/mod/no trans
Collar- Shadowmancer Neck Collar + {Aii}
Top- [NC] – Aquatic monster Star Fish Bra (Blue) @ Mermaid Cove
Skirt- Violent Seduction – Nemissa (FATPACK)
Fish- NKingyo Queen Gacha Review

I was walking home Looking at the trees Got the feeling that they Were looking back at me

░Head- BeSpoke – Dryad Autumn – Bento Head [1.0] + Autumn New @ We ❤ Roleplay
░Skin- BeSpoke – Dryad – Skin – Fem Forest Queen New @ We ❤ Roleplay
░Branches-BeSpoke – Treant Conservator – Branches New @ Bespoke Main Store
░Hair- Caverna Obscura Summer Oak Dryad Hair ~Model A~
░Owl- HEXtraordinary Scops Owl – Perched
░Staff- Clover – Alda staff
░Outfit- Poison Ivy Top by Caverna Obscura – Maitreya & Caverna Obscura Mushroom Dryad SUMMER Shrooms – Maitreya & Caverna Obscura Poison Ivy L Leg – Maitreya

Queen of this Realm

The last few days I’ve kept myself busy flying around the Fantasy Faire. I’ve found so many lovely spots to take photos (and I have) though this was may favorite with this outfit. If you are into fantasy and haven’t been to this years Fantasy Faire, please do yourself a favor by checking it out!

░Skin- :[P]: & TRAP – Kalari Vors Skin @ The Fantasy Faire 2021
░Eyes- :[P]:- Galinne Eye @ The Fantasy Faire 2021
░Hair- [Yomi] Lyra Hair
░Horns- :[P]:- Darkling Vys – Horns RARE
░Outfit- + Bellatrix Suit FATPACK + {Aii} @ The Fantasy Faire 2021
░Tail- + Avarice Tail + {Aii & Ego} @ The Fantasy Faire 2021

My photos were taken on the Fairelands Junction ~ Sponsored by The NeoVictoria Project

Divine Mercy

My goodness, I forgot what my avatar looked like, I always have some sort of fantasy head on now and days. Kara doesn’t look happy, does she? Oh well, she’s an angel, look at her all pure and stuff! I’ve been up since 2:30 am… I might be a little delirious right now! LOL

░Hair- DOUX – Angeni Hairstyle
░Ears- .random.Matter. – Song Elfie Ears
░Tattoo- + Dragonkin Underarmor (Holy) + {aii}
░Dress/leg wraps- Vincue / Witchie Dress – Snow & Vincue / Witchie Leg Straps – Snow
░Halo/moon- :[P]:- Lunaveina Head-Deco & :[P]:- Lunaveina Floaties
░Body Chain- (Yummy) Erin Chain Set – Legacy
(If you would like to ask about anything else I am wearing, feel free to message me in world Karalee Aeon)

The Troll

As promised here is my Troll. She is WoW inspired with her Fel magic. I am obsessed with this avi, I’ve not taken her off since I received the troll head from BeSpoke. Look, I wear normal clothes in RL, I’ve come to SecondLife to be a Mermaid, Orc or even a fricken bad ass Troll!
This girl is most definitely part of my “big girls” collection. What’s next? Well in my big girl collection I have a Hobgoblin I’ve been working on but for the most part I’ve covered most my large fantasy avatars. I think I shall move into some of the other fun creatures I’ve created!

░ Head- BeSpoke- Female Troll Head @ We ❤ RP
░ Outfit- CUREMORE / Voodoo Tribe
░ Staff- [The Forge] Witcher’s Staff, Black ░ Hands- [Eyck] 3 and 4 Digit Bento Hands
░ PFC- Magic hands

Strolled into the wrong territory

Continuing my “Big Girls” collection, this is my Orc. I have yet to name her, she is most def one of my favorites though. I just updated her to the bento mesh head from bespoke. I love the way she came out. I will try to do my troll next!

Orc Heads- BeSpoke Female Orc Head (this head really is amazing, if you are looking for a bad ass fantasy head, check these folks out! Hair- DOUX – Elijah Hairstyle
Outfits- PFC (A mixture of pfc outfits) Axe- LR Nyodir Axe